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GFC hair treatment: Transformative Beauty

People whose hair is getting thinner can now make their dream of having strong, thick hair come true with the help of new technology. Many people in India want to grow their hair back. One of the most popular choices right now is GFC hair treatment. Growth factors from your blood are injected into your scalp as part of a hair treatment called GFC treatment. This wakes up your hair follicles and makes them want to grow new hair. It’s like giving your hair a natural boost to make it thicker and stronger. This article will explain what GFC hair treatment is and how it works. Other ways to get pretty hair will also be talked about. This will help you pick the best way to make your hair healthier and more beautiful.

GFC hair treatment

GFC hair treatment

GFC hair treatment, which stands for “Growth Factor Concentrate hair treatment,” is a new, gentle way to fix a variety of hair problems. For this treatment, the growth factors are taken out of a small amount of your blood. After that, these growth factors are put on your scalp. Their job is to wake up your hair follicles, which makes your hair grow faster, thicker, and healthier overall. GFC treatment is becoming more popular because it can give long-lasting results and is a good option for people who want to fix their hair problems without surgery.

Procedure for GFC hair treatment

The Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) hair treatment method is easy to follow and doesn’t involve any surgery. It usually starts with a meeting with a trained professional who checks out your hair and listens to your concerns. The GFC hair treatment consists of three main steps:

  • Blood Collection

First, a small amount of blood is taken, usually from your arm, just like with a regular blood test.

  • Growth Factors

The blood is then processed to get the growth factors that are needed for the treatment.

  • Inject Treatment Area

carefully inject the treatment area with growth factors. These are done with tiny micro-injections that go straight to the hair roots in the areas of your scalp that need treatment.

GFC Hair Treatment: Benefits

By stimulating hair follicles, it improves and strengthens hair growth. The best thing is that it’s safe and minimally invasive because it’s natural—derived from your blood. There are several  benefits of GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) hair treatment:

Completely Safe

The treatment is approved by the US & Indian FDA.

Painless and Non-Invasive

Not only does it not hurt, but it also doesn’t require any downtime.

Reduces Hair Fall

Your hair follicles get new life from the treatment.

Thicker, Voluminous Hair

Hair that is thicker and fuller makes the hair grafts stronger and helps hair grow.

Natural and Safe

The GFC treatment is safe and natural, with little possibility of allergic reactions or other negative effects because it uses growth factors extracted from your blood.

Stimulates Hair Growth

It works well to encourage hair follicles, which helps new hair grow and makes hair denser.

 Fights Alopecia

Good for both men and women who are just starting to lose their hair.

Instant Results

It takes about three to four sessions of the treatment to start working.

Improved Hair Health

GFC treatment makes your hair healthier and better overall, making it look glossier and brighter.

Long-Lasting Results

You may not need to return for as many follow-up sessions with GFC because its results can last for a long time, possibly even a year or longer, in contrast to some other treatments.

Minimal Downtime

Downtime is usually very short because the procedure is pretty easy and not too invasive. This means that you can get back to your normal activities quickly.

Personalized Solution

The GFC treatment can be changed to fit your specific needs, so you can get a customized solution that works for your hair problems.


Since it doesn’t involve surgery, it’s a good choice for people who would rather not have surgery.

Natural-Looking Results

The results of GFC treatment tend to look natural, unlike the fake or “plastic” look that can come from other hair restoration methods.

Boosts Confidence

Having better-looking hair can make you feel better about your own self-image and boost your confidence.

Minimal Discomfort

Most patients say they don’t feel much pain during the procedure, and they can use a topical numbing cream to make things even better.


GFC treatment can be used to fix several hair problems, such as hair loss, thinning hair, and uneven hair texture.

GFC Hair Treatment: Side Effects

Most people think that using GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) to treat hair loss is a safe procedure, but like any medical treatment, it comes with possible side effects and risks:

Allergic Reactions:

People who are allergic to GFC components don’t happen very often, but they can. Your treatment plan can then be changed to avoid anything you’re allergic to, ensuring you have a safe experience.

Swelling or Redness

It’s normal for the injection sites to get red and swell for a short time after GFC hair treatment. Usually, these effects aren’t too bad and go away on their own in a few days. That’s just how the body heals, so don’t worry about it. Some people may feel itching or tingling on their scalp, but this usually goes away on its own over time.

Mild Uncomfort

During GFC treatment, some patients may experience mild pain or discomfort at the injection sites. It’s caused by the injections, but it’s not usually too bad. A lot of the time, doctors use local anesthesia to make things less painful and more comfortable.


There is a small chance of getting an infection at the injection sites, but you should still be careful. To lower this risk, it’s important to do what your doctor tells you to do after surgery. To avoid getting an infection, this means keeping the area being treated clean and using good hygiene.


Sometimes, there may be some light bruises where the injections were given. Most of the time, the bruises are small and go away quickly. It’s just how your body is reacting to the shots, and it won’t hurt you in the long run.

GFC Hair Treatment Cost

  • Even though GFC treatment is a new way to treat hair loss, it is very cheap and works much better than PRP. Also, depending on the area being treated, you can see results after the first few sessions of therapy.
  • The cost of your GFC treatment could make or break your hair restoration journey. When it comes to DHI, we make sure that our services are affordable without lowering their quality.
  • It could cost anywhere from INR 20,000 to INR 100,000 to treat GFC in India. However, the price of GFC hair treatment may change based on how much hair you are losing and how many sessions you need.

GFC sessions

Over three months, three sessions are required. You can tell it’s working because your hair is thicker and there are more of them. One session can usually be done again every four to six months, and the whole therapy can be done again every year after that.

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GFC Hair Treatment: Success Rate and Safety

Despite the high success rate of GFC treatment, individual outcomes vary and depend on factors such as

  • Problems and causes at the root of hair loss
  • How sick the person is
  • How committed the person is to the treatment and healing plan

For both men and women with androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness), the restoration solution has shown promise. Keep in mind that alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that makes people lose their hair.

Post-treatment Instructions

  • Don’t touch your hair or scalp or comb it for one day.
  • Do not do any physically demanding work or heavy workouts for about four days after the procedure. It will prevent you from sweating out.
  • Don’t wash your hair with shampoo for one to two days.
  • You need to use topical medicines or take drugs regularly, as directed by your doctor.




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