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“Keratin Vs Smoothing: Choosing the Best Treatment for Your Hair”

Keratin Vs smoothing – The struggle to have attractive hair never ends. For those with coarse, curly, or frizzy hair, maintaining a silky smooth look might be more difficult. Frizzy and curly hair can be tamed and given a smooth and lustrous finish with hair smoothing and keratin treatments. But you need to be aware of which option is best for you. To help you choose what’s best for you, we’ll briefly go over the keratin vs smoothing in this post.

Keratin Vs Smoothing


A keratin-based solution is applied to the hair and sealed with heat as part of a chemical process known as keratin treatment. By restoring the natural keratin protein in the hair shaft, this treatment lessens frizz, increases shine, and makes the hair easier to manage.


It is a chemical procedure that modifies hair structure to make it sleek and straight. First, a relaxer or straightening solution is applied, and then the new shape is sealed in with a flat iron.  This procedure usually takes many hours and calls for a stylist with professional experience. The smoothing procedure gives the hair a pencil-straight appearance and permanently alters its texture.

Keratin Vs smoothing

Keratin smoothing
Natural proteins can be found in the skin, hair, and nails. Chemical processing to change the structure of hair
Ensure that hair is strong, elastic, and protected. Smoothen the hair cuticle to get rid of frizz and make the hair appear straighter.
enhances the overall appearance of hair without changing the natural texture of the hair  alters hair’s structure to give it a straighter appearance
aids in repairing damage brought on by chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental factors that may harm hair if done incorrectly or not properly
Any hair type can be used, but curly or coarse hair may not respond well.  Ideal for frizzy or wavy hair, however, it can also be used for coarse or curly hair.
Lasts three to six months, depending on the kind and condition of the hair. Depending on the kind and maintenance of the hair lasts for around 2 to 5 months.
takes more time to process than a smoothing treatment. requires less processing time than keratin therapy.
can be carried out at home using a substance impregnated with keratin. Should be carried out by a qualified stylist to prevent hair damage.
drastically reduces frizz but does not eradicate it Frizz is eliminated, making hair easier to style and manage.
promotes natural waves or curls rather than straightening out wavy or curly hair Create straight hair by cutting out any natural waves and curls.

Which One Is Better Hair Smoothing Or Keratin

When you don’t know your hair type and simply follow someone’s treatment suggestions, it can be quite confusing and difficult. It is usually preferable to get advice regarding your hair type and health from a hair specialist or skilled professional hairstylist. This will enable you to save time, money, and future hair damage. Which smoothing therapy or keratin is superior is debatable. Because your hair type and desired look are the deciding factors. So let’s compare smoothening to keratin treatment to see which is ideal.


  • A keratin treatment is ideal for you if you prefer hair that is silky, straight, lustrous, and free of frizz.
  • It makes your hair appear thicker, adds luster and glow, and helps keep it straight.
  • It also gets easier to manage wavy, frizzed-out, and dry hair.
  • This treatment typically lasts between five and six months.
  • This treatment lessens the frequency with which your hair is heated, which is a daily practice for many people.
  • It costs more but lasts longer than a smoothing treatment.


  • If your hair is wavy or curly, this treatment is ideal for you.
  • This treatment is ideal for you if all you desire is frizz-free, glossy hair without affecting the texture of your hair.
  • This treatment does not result in flat-ironed, straight hair.
  • Likewise, if you enjoy the way your hair is curly or wavy and want to reduce frizz and enhance smoothness, simply go for it.
  • In comparison to keratin, the cost of therapy is less.


Ques: Is smoothening better than keratin?

Ans: In general, curly hair responds better to keratin treatments since they assist in manageability, define curls, and lessen frizz. To obtain a sleek, straight appearance, smoothening treatments are often advised for naturally straight or wavy hair.

Ques: Which is better for thin hair smoothing or keratin?

Ans: Keratin treatments are typically advised for hair that is coarse, thick, frizzy, or curly by hair stylists and product producers. Consider getting a keratin treatment if you have thin, curly, or coarse hair. The greatest styling option for you may not be keratin treatments if your thin hair is fine or straight.

Ques: Which is more expensive smoothing or keratin?

Ans: Keratin: Depending on how well you take care of it, it can last up to three to six months. Smoothing: In comparison to rebonding and keratin, it is less expensive. Rebonding: It costs a little more than keratin, but not by much.

Ques: Can I do keratin after smoothening?

Ans: Yes, keratin treatment can be applied after smoothing. The keratin treatment should last for three to six months and involves first straightening the hair and then coating it with a protein that hardens upon contact.

Ques: Will hair grow after smoothening?

Ans: Your hair will regrow naturally after smoothing, but for about a month after your smoothed hair disappears, you’ll need to take extra care of it because smoothing damages your scalp and causes poor hair growth for about a month.

Ques: Does smoothing damage hair?

Ans: Your hair follicles become weaker when dangerous chemicals are applied excessively and repeatedly to your hair during the process of smoothing it out. Hair falls as a result of the hair breaking off from its roots. Additionally, it might damage the natural strength of your hair, which makes it more prone to breaking.

Ques: Does smoothing stop hair fall?

Ans: Hair smoothing has both positive and negative effects on your hair, and it can even cause hair loss, which you must cease for your general health. On the one hand, chemically treated hair will become glossier, smoother, and more luminous, but if the curls are mishandled, they could become fragile and dry.

Ques: What are the side effects of smoothing?

Ans: And this shows after a few months in the form of the below side-effects:

  • Hair fall.
  • Loss of natural hair texture.
  • Dry strands.
  • Split ends.
  • Dandruff and itchy scalp.

Ques: Is hair smoothing treatment safe?

Ans: During the process of straightening or smoothing hair, the majority of hair smoothing or straightening products release formaldehyde gas into the air, which is recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a human carcinogen.

Ques: What are the side effects of keratin?

Ans: The solution formaldehyde included in keratin hair treatments causes adverse effects like sore throats, nose bleeds, and irritated eyes. A very dangerous side effect of keratin treatments is the risk of cancer if formaldehyde is exposed for a long time.

Ques: Is keratin is permanent?

Ans: Because keratin treatments are semi-permanent, the effects begin to wear off after a few months. There’s no chance of your hair growing back to its original state, and you may not like the way newly grown hair appears at the top of your head.

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